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This page is dedicated to resources for Ritual, Satanic, and Criminal Cult victims and their families.

Victims of crime include those who are victimized by cults both the cult members themselves and their families left behind. These families hurt as badly as families whose children have been murdered . . . because in so many ways, their children are dead. They break off all contact with their families and friends . . . there is no finality, no funeral, no memorial service . . . no way for their families to move on. Families cannot move on when a child is lost to them emotionally, intellectually, and physically forever. Instead they wonder about in a mindless state.

  A movie about The Jim Roberts Group has been in the works for 10 years. The group is named for their leader and are also known as the "garbage eaters" in some circles since they frequent dumpsters for their food. They are a nomadic group . . . spiritually distant, and completely kept from their families and friends. In recent years, they have come to be known as the Brethren. They travel mostly on bikes, however, for long distances, they will travel by car. They live in various homes and encampments throughout the US and leave the area if there is any fear of being discovered or approached by family members.

  You may also do a search for
for Roberts Parents Group for added information.



Contact: Lois
P.O. Box 67
Albany, Oh. 45710
Monday - Friday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Phone: (614)698-6277 Fax: (614)698-2053

e-mail: freemind@wellspring.abbany.oh.us

Service area: International Crisis Intervention. Wellspring provides counseling for those suffering psychological and spiritual distress resulting from cults, cult-like organizations/relationships or childhood abuse and for those damaged by a group/leader's exclusive interpretation of sacred scriptures. No de-programming.

This is a JACO approved facility.

Executive Director/Counselor books: "Cult proofing your kids" $10.00
"Damaged Disciples" $9.00


Resources for Satanic Ritual Abuse and Ritual Abuse [SRA/SA]
as well as those with DID/MPD
P.O. Box 1121
Parker, CO 80134


For additional HELP see our VICTIM RESOURCES  Page

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